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ContiCrossContact™ LX


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This road highway tire for light truck, SUV and crossover vehicle applications is designed for luxury, comfort and mileage.

This tire delivers a smooth comfortable ride for light truck, SUV and crossover vehicles.  Noise is minimized and the unique design provides a consistent ride in all-season conditions.

Category:  Luxury Light Truck

Available Sizes:  15” – 20” with aspect ratios of 45-85

Features & Benefits:  This tire’s Asymmetric Tread Pattern is engineered to allow both sides of the tread to perform independently of each other. This computer-optimized tread face is designed to deliver a greater surface contact patch, with large stiff blocks on the outside of the tire, a stabilizing rib to reduce shoulder wear, and subtle tread elements on the inside tread for enhanced traction.

An innovative Tri-Net Silica Tread Compound adjusts to road conditions, cushions the ride, improves traction, lowers rolling resistance and prolongs tread life for greater fuel economy and long wear. 

Continental Tire’s Acoustic Alterra Technology creates a tread pattern that not only minimizes tire noise, but actually produces a soothing white noise -- making ContiCrossContact LX one of the quietest SUV tires on the market. Interlocking Sipes add lateral strength, excellent traction and directional control in all conditions – even mud and snow.

Speed Rating: V, W, Y and Z

UTQG Treadwear Rating:  680 A B