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Social Responsibility

In its efforts to be a good global neighbor, Continental Tire The Americas, LLC is expanding on its commitment to local and national environmental responsibility to help improve fuel efficiency, protect the environment and build community with an ongoing program called “Continental Tire Responsibility.”

Continental Tire has been cognizant of the need to protect the environment for many years.  Some of our first efforts at that were with our tire lines that include silica in their compounds, which reduces rolling resistance and CO2 emissions.  Now, we’re prepared to take this a step further and are developing tires with increased fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions, and we’re using sustainable materials and processes to do so.

Nineteen years ago, Continental launched a tire called the ContiEcoContact™, making us the first tire manufacturer to launch an environmentally friendly passenger tire that featured special fuel-saving and high-mileage benefits. What we learned from that line, in terms of lowered rolling resistance and fuel efficiency, is something we are using in all of our Continental products today. Continental is focused on combining both performance and lowered rolling resistance, without compromising wet handling and braking.  The ProContact™ with EcoPlus technology and innovative CrossContact™ LX20 for light truck, crossover and SUVs, are a reflection of our continued focus and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Engineered using the industry's most advanced technologies, the award-winning ProContact™ with EcoPlus Technology goes beyond other premium touring tires and makes groundbreaking advances in rolling resistance, which saves fuel and helps reduce driving costs.  

Continental has long been a global supplier to the original equipment automotive manufacturers, who require that rolling resistance and fuel efficiency are built into the tires they put on their vehicles at the factory. Continental continually works with its OE partners toward finding new ways to increase fuel efficiency and rolling resistance in its products.  This movement toward producing a more environmentally responsible tire also dovetails with the “green push” by automobile manufacturers around the world for standard vehicle alternatives with hybrid, diesel and electric engines.  

Continental’s campaign is not limited solely to the company’s tires. The responsibility theme also trickles down into Continental’s corporate practices.  By 2012, the company is committed to reducing energy consumption by 18 percent over 2007 levels; water usage by 17 percent; waste by 16.3 percent and CO2 emissions by 15.5 percent.  In the Americas, a large number of Continental offices have switched to an online paystub system in 2010, which has drastically reduced the company’s paper usage.

On the manufacturing side, all plants are required to maintain ISO 14001 certification in order to supply automotive manufacturers.  Continental uses the same high-environmental standards worldwide in all tire plants.  The Mt. Vernon, Ill. plant has repeatedly been awarded the Illinois Governor’s Pollution Prevention Award.

Building on the community theme, Continental Tire is actively supporting community programs, including safe driving courses for high school students along with various other educational initiatives.

Continental will continually align the production, quality and performance of its products with environmental soundness, and strive to conduct all of its activities in an environmentally conscious manner.  Going forward, each and every employee is obligated to protect the environment, and Continental will continue to avoid harmful emissions and waste. Continental is not just focused on a green message, but a responsibility message that encompasses community, environment and fuel efficiency.